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Supercharged Food Negative Ion Candle Coconut & Vanilla




Supercharged Food Negative Ion Candle Coconut & Vanilla 200ml.




This special candle has a beautiful natural Coconut and Vanilla aroma. It’s handmade with a pure cotton wick, and the contents have been Supercharged with negative ions and blended into 100% vegan, non-GMO soy wax.


What’s great about it is that it contains no paraffin, no palm oil or beeswax. It’s also renewable, carbon neutral, not tested on animals and complies with RIFM and IFRA standards.

Burn time up to 50 hours.

Negative Ion Candle Coconut & Vanilla Features

  • Natural, handmade vegan wax candle.
  • Supercharged with negative ions.
  • Coconut and Vanilla subtle fragrance.

Ingredients & Excipients

Fragrance oils on sustainably sourced soy wax. Includes a mineral naturally high in negative ions (proprietary formula)

Key Benefits:

Coconut & Vanilla Aroma: Contains an inviting scent of coconut and vanilla, creating a warm and comforting ambience in your space.
Handmade with Pure Cotton Wick: Handcrafted with a pure cotton wick, ensuring a clean and even burn.
Supercharged with Negative Ions: Negative ions have been linked to improved mood and well-being, helping to create a calming atmosphere.
100% Vegan and Non-GMO Soy Wax: Made from sustainable soy wax, free from animal products and genetically modified organisms.
Environmentally Responsible: It’s free from paraffin, palm oil, and beeswax, making it a responsible choice for the planet and its inhabitants.
Renewable and Carbon Neutral: The materials used are renewable, and the candle is carbon neutral, reducing its environmental footprint.
Complies with RIFM and IFRA Standards: It meets the high safety and quality standards set by the fragrance industry.

What are negative ion candles, and how do they work?

Negative-ion candles are unique because they release negative ions into the surrounding air when burned. These negative ions are molecules with an extra electron, and they are believed to have several health benefits. When you light a negative-ion candle, it heats the air around it, causing the air to rise and carry the negative ions upward. These ions can attach to positively charged particles in the air, such as dust, allergens, and pollutants, effectively neutralising them. This process may improve air quality and create a more pleasant and healthy environment.

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