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Who are We?

Meet Reena.

Meet Peter.


We are the people behind the coconut store and we love coconuts.

Reena was born in Fiji, a place where coconut trees are as common as eucalyptus trees. Her family used coconuts and its byproducts in all manner of life, from cooking, to using it as hair and skin treatments, and drinking kava.

Peter loves Fiji, the sun, the water, sitting under the shade of coconut trees, and he’s pretty good at cracking open a coconut too.

We created The Coconut Store to make coconut products easily available, think of it as a one stop coconut store. With the help of our suppliers we are able to offer a range of coconut products for the home, body, pantry, kitchen, pets and for health and wellbeing.

Enjoy the store, and everything we have on offer. Be sure to join The Coconut Hut for recipes and other coconut related news.


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