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Copper Tongue Scraper


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Nature’s Shield Copper Tongue Scraper.

Copper Tongue Scraper Details:

  • Look at your tongue in the mirror. See the white fur, the yellow yuck? It’s saying, “Clean me!” Nobody wants to walk around with a slimy tongue tainting food flavour. A clean tongue makes every mouthful a taste explosion, every kiss a sweet sensation, every word a fresh breeze.
  • The traditional Tibetan greeting of sticking their tongue out evolved because they understood a person’s health through their tongue. “The tongue doesn’t lie. It reflects one’s health and habits,” explains Ayurvedic doctor Rama Prasad.
  • Recall the last time you fasted or had the flu, and your tongue got a cheesy coating? This is the body eliminating toxins through the tongue, evident through the furry morning tongue. “Periodic purification with a tongue scraper helps to clear digestive toxins,” suggests Rama Prasad. Plague on the tongue is also a major cause of periodontal disease. So, scraping your tongue protects your teeth also. A pure tongue helps to clear ear, nose and throat problems by reducing contributing toxins.
  • A copper tongue scraper is ideally recommended in Ayurvedic texts as its antimicrobial and enzyme activator. It reduces sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, improves taste, freshens breath, clears toxins and stimulates digestion. Copper keeps clean as it’s non-porous and antibacterial. Copper is also soft on the tongue and easily bent into the perfect U-shape.

How to Use Copper Tongue Scraper

To incorporate the benefits of our Copper Tongue Scraper into your daily routine, use it every morning after brushing and flossing your teeth but before drinking anything. Gently scrape your tongue from back to front five times, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. By following this simple practise, you can say goodbye to oral thrush associated with Candida, as our tongue scraper helps remove it effectively.


Invest in your oral health today with Nature’s Shield’s Copper Tongue Scraper. Experience the power of copper and unlock a world of fresh breath, improved taste, and a healthier you!

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