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SELF Coco Lip Care Kit


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Looking for a new way to touch up your lips? Look no further than our SELF Coco Lip Care Kit! This revolutionary kit includes SELF Coco Lip Scrub and SELF Coco Lip Balm, which are easy to use and last for hours. Plus, we stylishly packed it in a reusable bag. So take a look at our SELF Coco Lip Care Kit and decide if your lips need a little makeover!


SELF is a brand under The Coconut Store, proudly made in Australia

[SELF is a wellness brand for all ages. Our skincare line is ideal for all skin types, and our body oil is excellent for relieving stress.]


Love your lips! SELF Coco Lip Care Kit is a must-have for anyone looking to bring out the best in their lips. This fantastic product is made with natural ingredients to exfoliate and nourish lips gently.

The SELF Coco Lip Care Kit contains:

  • 15g SELF Coco Lip Scrub contains sugars to exfoliate and increase blood circulation giving your lips a natural pout (your lips may tingle a little). And coconut oil and honey to replenish and nourish the lips.
  • 15g SELF Coco Lip Balm contains coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter to heal, nourish and lock in moisture.
  • Reusable bag

The SELF Coco Lip Scrub is designed to exfoliate and brighten your lips, while the SELF Coco Lip Balm will moisturise, heal, and protect them. You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite lipstick that much more because of how good you’ll feel about your lips. You deserve it!

To Use: 

Exfoliate and smooth your lips with this essential SELF Coco Lip Care Kit.

Step 1: Remove dry, flaky, dull skin on the lips with SELF Coco Lip Scrub. Apply a pea-sized amount, gently massage onto the lips, and rinse off with water. Use once to twice weekly to remove dead skin and moisturise the lips.

Step 2: Follow with a layer of SELF Coco Lip Balm to seal in the moisture. A natural moisturiser to use daily, especially after the SELF Coco Lip Scrub, to keep your lips moisturised all the time, away from harmful chemicals and petroleum. 

A little goes a long way!

Do you know

Smooching, wind, heat, vitamin deficiency, and harmful products can cause dry, flaky, irritated lips. Restore the appearance of tired and dry lips and nourish them with our SELF Coco Lip Care Kit. Furthermore, a gentle lip massage increases blood flow to the area giving your lips a natural fuller pout. Your lips will have a MWAH factor for a short while. 


  • Do not use it if you have coconut, beeswax, honey, or shea butter allergies.
  • First, test on a small area and discontinue using the product if it feels uncomfortable. Next, seek medical advice from your doctor.

To Keep

Store in a cool, dry place; it will last a month or so. Keeping it in the fridge will make your SELF Coco Lip Care Kit last longer. The lip scrub may harden during cooler months or in cool rooms because the oil will cause the scrub to harden a bit, but it still works just fine. A warmer position or season mostly melts down the lip balm. Store it in the fridge to maintain its solid form and shelf life, as it will also help preserve any natural ingredients inside. 

Replace after three months.


Tired of long day hustle and want to brighten up your skin? Try out our SELF Body Oil and SELF Coco Body Butter.

SELF Coco Lip Care Kit Ingredients

Coconut Oil by The Coconut Store

Coconut oil is the HERO ingredient in our all-natural coconut body oil range. It hydrates the skin by forming a protective barrier on the surface and locking in moisture to soften and lubricate it. The emollient effects of coconut oil repair the skin’s barrier function, and the medium-chain fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which heal the skin, making it look healthy and radiant.


Sugar acts as a natural exfoliator, removing dead skin cells.


Honey relieves dry, chapped lips. Most people use this to treat skin irritation and moisturise their skin.


Beeswax has lubricating and softening properties. It also reduces trans-epidermal water loss from your skin. It is safe to use, especially if you have dry and chapped lips.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is well-known for its ability to hydrate even the driest of skin deeply. It works wonders on dry lips, creating a soft, touchable surface.

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