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SELF Coconut Bath Tea




SELF by The Coconut Store (T.C.S.) Coconut Bath Tea Pack

Relax, take it easy, and let your day melt away with our very own bath tea blend.

Coconut Bath Tea is a luxurious blend of minerals and quartz to nourish your body and soothe your skin.


  • Luxurious Bath Tea Blend
  • Hydrating Coconut and Oats
  • Soothing Epsom Salt
  • Calendula or Rosemary for Muscle Relief
  • Raw White Quartz for Energy Cleansing
  • Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free

Each bag contains a blend of coconut and oats which hydrate the skin, Epsom salt and calendula or rosemary, which are great for tired muscles. And a small piece of raw white quartz, which is used to cleanse negative energy.

  • Coconut Calendula blend contains two x 25g teabags (plus the quartz)
  • The Coconut Rosemary blend contains two x 25g teabags (plus the quartz)

Our eco-friendly bath tea bags are chemical-free and made from 100% wood pulp paper.

How to use:

Remove a Coconut Bath Teabag from the muslin bag and infuse it in a bath full of water (41 degrees C is just right, not too hot or cool) leave it in the water as you enjoy the benefits of minerals and magnesium. Gently squeeze the bag to release more of the goodness, and top up the hot water as the bath starts to cool. Follow with a luxurious body oil after drying.

Coconut Bath Tea Ingredients:

Coconut, Epsom Salts, Organic Calendula Petals, or Organic Rosemary Flowers, Organic Oats, Raw White Quartz

The Coconut Bath Tea Ingredients offer various benefits:
  1. Coconut: Nourishes and moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  2. Epsom Salts: Relaxes muscles, eases tension, and promotes overall relaxation.
  3. Organic Calendula Petals: Soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
  4. Organic Rosemary Flowers: Revitalise and refreshes the skin, enhancing the bathing experience.
  5. Organic Oats: Gently exfoliates, soothes itching, and calms sensitive skin.
  6. Raw White Quartz: Infuses positive energy and enhances the bath’s therapeutic effects.

Together, these carefully selected ingredients create a luxurious and rejuvenating bath tea experience that pampers your body and nurtures your well-being.

To dispose:

Remove the teabag string and quartz and place the bag in the compost.

Note: Not for consumption

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