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Helio Supply Co Neti Pot (random colour)




What is neti pot used for?

Helio Supply Co Neti pots are small ceramic vessels with a slender spout used for nasal irrigation. These Neti pots are handmade in Australia, and there can be a slight variation in size.  They may come in a variety of colours and ceramic glazes. We will select/send randomly and based on availability.


  • Handmade in Australia
  • Unique ceramic glaze design
  • Traditional Ayurvedic practice
  • Effective nasal congestion relief
  • Enhances nasal health


Neti pots originated in India in the traditional medical practice of Ayurveda. The Neti pot is used to introduce a weak saline solution into the nasal cavities. The process of nasal irrigation may act to dislodge infection, draw out the congestion, and strengthen the area.

Directions for Use

How to fill a Neti Pot?

Fill the handmade neti pot to the base of the spout with warm water and add a quarter teaspoon of unrefined sea salt (grey and moist).
Adjust salt to suit your comfort, e.g. a burning sensation indicates too much salt. If there is an infection of the sinuses or a history of recurrent infections, you may add 5 drops of Echinacea tincture.

How to Irrigate the sinuses

Technique 1 –

  1. Hold the nostril closed with your finger, place the spout of the pot into the open nostril and tip the head at about 45 degrees towards the closed nostril.
  2. Gently pour the liquid into the sinus with a slight inhalation, opening the back of the mouth as if yawning and allowing the liquid to pour out the mouth.
  3. Remove the spout, blow out of the closed nostril any liquid that has collected there and then gently blow from the open nostril.
  4. Repeat on the other side until the Neti pot is empty.
  5. Do this twice daily.

Technique 2 –

  1. Insert the spout of the Neti pot into the nostril and tip the head at about 45 degrees towards the closed nostril while simultaneously elevating the net pot so that the water runs into the nostril.
  2. Keep the mouth open so you are able to breathe while irrigating.
  3. The water is to flow in through one nostril and out through the other nostril. Allow the water to pass through for about 20 seconds.
  4. Remove the spout and gently blow out the nostril.
  5. Irrigate the other side.

Why Choose the Helio Supply Co Neti Pot?

Avail the Helio Supply Co Neti Pot to experience the time-honoured benefits of nasal irrigation. This traditional Ayurvedic technique involves gently flushing the nasal passages with a saline solution, helping to dislodge impurities, relieve congestion, and strengthen the nasal area. Whether you’re looking for relief from sinus infections, allergies, or simply wish to maintain optimal nasal health, the Helio Supply Co Neti Pot is your natural solution.


Ceramic glaze colour selected at random.

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