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new year detox

New Year Detox

Detox. A prevalent and well-search word every new year. It’s a period when people want to make changes by removing the old to make room for the latest trend: a new body, new attitude, new home, new relationships and more.

I regularly do cleanouts at home. I have this habit of doing a “new year clean” to eliminate broken, unused, unloved things – essentially clutter. This has been a habit of mine for a very long time. It helps me mentally to start a new year and appreciate clutter-free rooms.

Detoxing the body became my top priority. During the gazillion lockdowns, I was a little too carefree with my food and drink choices. I resolved to drink more water, sleep earlier, drink less, and eat less unhealthy food. I also had surgery recently and have had a lot of medication which has made my body feel sluggish, so I have decided to give my body some assistance by doing Dr Cabot cleanse. It is a 15-day detox program formulated by Dr Sandra Cabot to cleanse and restore liver and gut health whilst reducing inflammation and acidity in the body, something I could certainly do with. You can read more about this in the Dr Cabot Cleanse Information blog.

Making the decision to do a detox is easy. Take the time to work through your motivations and what you want to achieve before embarking on any decluttering or body cleanse. Results will vary for each person because we’re all different and living different lives. Stay encouraged if you need a break from detoxing. Go back to it when you’re ready and give it your best.



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