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Ice Block Mould


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Make cool summer treats with the ice block mould. Simply fill it with your favourite juice, fruit and flavoured milk or latte and freeze.


  • Smart Design
  • Built-in Sticks
  • Drip Guards
  • Food-Safe Material

The clever design keeps your ice blocks upright and allows you to remove one ice block at a time. Handles feature built-in sticks and drip guards. Made from food-safe, durable plastic. 


Makes four (4) healthy and frosty treats approximately 8cm x 6cm each

Why Choose the Ice Block Mould?

  1. Homemade Goodness: No more store-bought popsicles filled with artificial flavours and preservatives. With this mould, you have full control over the ingredients, allowing you to create healthier and tastier treats.
  2. Endless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with flavour combinations. From classic fruit blends to indulgent coffee creations, the possibilities are endless. It’s the perfect way to entertain guests or keep the family refreshed.
  3. Convenience: The smart design of this mould ensures that making ice blocks is a breeze. No more struggling with spills or unmolding difficulties. It’s a hassle-free solution to your summer cravings.
  4. Economical: Why spend money on expensive frozen treats when you can make your own? When you can save money while enjoying delicious homemade ice blocks!
  5. Healthier Options: Control the ingredients and sweeteners in your ice blocks. You can opt for natural sugars, fresh fruits, and wholesome ingredients, making it a guilt-free pleasure.


Don’t miss out on the fun and flavour of homemade ice blocks this summer. Embrace the heat with a refreshing treat that’s not only delicious but also healthier and more convenient.


Avail the Ice Block Mould today and experience a cool summer like never before!


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