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DECO: Be Creative with Fun Paper and Wood Crafts from Japan

Innovative Craft Concept for Imaginative Robot Fun!

PLAY-DECO is a fun paper and woodcraft concept from Japan. Let your creativity soar as you bring adorable and imaginative robots to life. With wood as “the bones” and the paper creating the “texture,” each package contains pre-cut, perforated paper and a wood sheet ready to assemble. No tools, no glue, no scissors needed—just your hands and a playful spirit!

Unleash the Joy of Playing DECO

Let Decos captivate your heart and the hearts of your loved ones. Whether you’re seeking a delightful pastime for yourself, a perfect gift for kids, or a unique present for someone special, this product is the ideal choice. Its Japanese charm brings joy to the young and the young at heart.


Innovative Craft Concept for Imaginative Robot Fun with Play Deco Break and Play Deco Devio


Play Deco – Break: Dismantle and Reimagine!

Try the uniqueness of Play Deco – Break, where the joy doesn’t stop at creation. Disassemble and reconstruct your robot again and again, exploring endless possibilities. Unleash your artistic flair by downloading extra designs and paper textures from the PLAY-DECO website, infusing new life into your creations. The fun knows no bounds, making it an ideal gift for creative souls and robot lovers of all ages.


PLAY-DECO: Unleash Creativity with Fun Paper and Wood Craft from Japan

Play Deco – Devio: Craft and Cherish

With Play Deco – Devio, crafting becomes a cherished experience. Delight in the ease of assembling, spending less than 15 minutes to witness your robot come to life. The absence of tools, glue, or scissors ensures it’s safe for kids, fostering creativity and imaginative play. Share the magic with family and friends and create lasting memories through this delightful craft!

What’s in the Package?

Each package includes a pre-cut, perforated paper and a wood sheet ready to pop and assemble in less than 15 minutes.

Recommended for ages 12+


Bring cuteness, imagination, and endless fun while embracing the magic and fun of Deco today!


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