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Vintage Cake Bunting


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Dress up your cake with an easy-to-use vintage-style mini bunting cake decoration set

Each set contains: 

  • 1 x Paper cake bunting 
  • 4 x cake toppers
  • 1 x Paper cake frill with sticker ( suitable for a cake up to 30cm in diameter)


Place around the cake and secure it with the supplied sticky disc. (The cake toppers and bunting can be reused if care is taken when used.)

Benefits of Vintage Cake Bunting:


Bring elegance to your cake presentation without needing elaborate decorating skills. The vintage-style mini bunting instantly imparts an air of sophistication and character to your confections.

Complete Set:

Every set includes a paper cake bunting, 4 cake toppers, and a paper cake frill with a secure sticker. Achieve a cohesive and beautifully coordinated look with ease.

Easy Application:

Place the bunting around your cake and secure it using the supplied sticky disc. The user-friendly design ensures a seamless application process, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects.


With proper care during use, you can reuse the cake toppers and bunting for future celebrations. Enjoy the convenience of versatile and timeless decorative pieces.


Do not place these decorations next to naked flames.


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