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We The Wild Plant Care Organic Orchid Care Essential Kit Pack




We The Wild Plant Care Organic Orchid Care Essential Kit Pack.

Introducing our Orchid Duo! Our organic favourites have been reformulated to boost your blooms and help your orchids THRIVE!


This plant care bundle is comprised of all-natural and organic ingredients. It has been meticulously crafted to give your plants the vital nutrients they require for the best possible development. Everyone will love this excellent bundle, especially those interested in plants, regardless of their level of gardening experience.

Organic Orchid Care Essentials Pack Content


  • 1x Protect Spray for Orchids 250ml

With added geraniol for the specific issues that make Orchids struggle.

  • 1x Bloom Concentrate 150ml

Our Grow Concentrate has added microbial Bloom Booster for longer-lasting flowers.


This pack is perfect for all orchids, from indoor to outdoor varieties!

Summing Up

Keep your orchids looking their best with the We The Wild Plant Care Organic Orchid Care Essentials Pack. Made with natural and organic ingredients, this pack contains everything you need to provide your orchids with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth. Order yours today and watch your orchids flourish!


Organic Support (Slow-Release Bio-Active Plant Food)

This Organic Support is a slow-release bio-active plant food that provides sustained nutrition for healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

Organic Grow (Bio-Active Plant Food & Tonic)

Give your plants the boost they need with Organic Grow, a bioactive plant food and tonic. Formulated with essential nutrients and botanical extracts, it enhances plant growth, encourages lush foliage, and supports overall plant health for a flourishing garden.

Organic Essential Plant Care Pack

This comprehensive set includes everything you need to nurture your plants, from bioactive plant food to protective sprays, ensuring optimal growth and resilience.

Organic Protect (with added Neem Oil) Spray

Shield your plants from pests and diseases with Organic Protect spray, fortified with added neem oil. This natural solution effectively protects against common garden threats while nourishing and strengthening plant defences for a thriving garden ecosystem.

Organic Kit Revive + Thrive 2.5kg Pack

Organic Kit Revive + Thrive 2.5kg Pack rejuvenates tired plants, promotes vigorous growth, and ensures abundant blooms for a vibrant and flourishing garden!


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