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PAW Gentle Puppy Conditioning Spray (Coconut & Chamomile)




PAW Gentle Puppy Conditioning Spray (Coconut & Chamomile) 200ml.

Moisturises, revitalises & detangles the coat, making conditioning your puppy’s coat easy.


PAW Gentle Puppy Conditioning Spray with Coconut & Chamomile is a gentle, easy-to-apply leave-in conditioner for puppies.  It moisturises, strengthens & detangles the coat, and has a natural coconut and chamomile scent.


Fur babies, like human babies, have delicate skin. It’s essential, just as with a baby, to use gentle products on puppy skin and avoid products with harsh chemical ingredients.


The Paw Gentle Conditioning Spray contains high-quality ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin B5 (panthenol) to add shine to the coat and moisture to the skin, as well as detangle the coat. Your puppy will be left silky and soft, with clean and pure-smelling fur.


  • Gentle and easy-to-apply leave-in conditioner for puppies
  • Moisturises, strengthen, & detangles the coat
  • Natural coconut and chamomile scent

Puppy Conditioning Spray Ingredients

Purified water, glycerin (Vegetable), cetramonium chloride, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, D panthenol, hydrolysed oats, chamomile roman oil, polysorbate, coconut oil, orange Brazilian oil, lactic acid.

Key Benefits

Purified water

Provides a base for the conditioning spray formula.

Glycerin (Vegetable)

Moisturises and hydrates the puppy’s coat, leaving it soft and smooth.

Cetramonium chloride

Acts as a conditioning agent, helping to detangle and manage the puppy’s fur.

Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate

It functions as a gentle preservative to maintain the quality of the product.

D panthenol

Enhances the moisture retention capacity of the puppy’s hair, promoting a healthy and nourished coat.

Hydrolysed oats

Soothes and nourishes the puppy’s skin, reducing any irritation or itchiness.

Chamomile roman oil

Calms and soothes the puppy’s skin, providing a gentle and comforting effect.


Helps to emulsify and blend the ingredients together in the conditioning spray.

Coconut oil

Moisturises and conditions the puppy’s coat, adding shine and smoothness.

Orange Brazilian Oil

Provides a pleasant fragrance to the conditioning spray.

Lactic acid

Balances the pH level of the product, ensuring it is suitable for the puppy’s delicate skin.

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