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Self-Care Using Yoga Breathing Techniques

Self Care with a Bear Hug

Self-care doesn’t require much time, energy, expense or resources. We can implement this in our lives in various ways and at different times. Whatever works for you. The key is to be consistent and to not talk yourself out of it. Sometimes I squeeze in an extra task, forfeit a moment for myself, and then regret it. This is happening a lot less as the lockdown has taught me how important self-care is, not just for my well-being but for my family too.
The Bear Hug pose is a gentle yoga pose. You can do it on the floor, standing, or seated on a chair, with or without a mat.

Bear Hug Yoga Pose

From a standing position, keep your legs hip-width apart. Make sure your feet touch the ground with all toes, heels and balls of feet on the floor.

  1. Give yourself a hug by holding your shoulders with your hands.
  2. Keep the spine straight and the neck tilted down.
  3. Breathe through the nose down to your chest and hold for a couple of breaths or whatever is comfortable.
  4. Exhale slowly and release the arms.
  5. Swap the position of the arms and repeat.

bear hug pose standing

If you do this pose on a chair, sit on a chair with a low back. Or with your back up against something firm and horizontal.
Place a small rolled-up towel between your spine and the hard surface, around the mid to lower shoulder blade range.

Gently cross your arms in front of your body, tilt your neck, and then follow steps 3 onwards.

If your knees are fine, this pose can also be done by kneeling on a mat and following steps 1-5. The standing and chair variations are better suited if you have knee issues.


bear hug pose

This gentle pose is fantastic for stretching the arms, shoulder and chest and, just as importantly, giving yourself a moment and taking self-care.




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