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From Roots to Tips - A Q&A with Expert Hair Stylist Hardeep

From Roots to Tips: A Q&A with Expert Hair Stylist Hardeep

Hair by Hardeep in Balwyn North (VIC) is my favourite place to go for cuts, colour, banter, and lemongrass tea. Hardeep is a super talented colour technician and hair stylist who makes her clients feel welcome and heard by focusing on their needs. Her depth of knowledge and experience in colour and style is exceptional, some of which she shares in this edition of the Interview With Series.


Unlocking the Secret to Perfect Hair Colour with Stylist Hardeep

Whether you’re a hair enthusiast or a professional stylist, this Q&A with Hardeep is packed with valuable information and expert advice that can help you take your hair game to the next level. Learn about the latest hair colour trends, the best products to use, and the techniques that Hardeep uses to achieve stunning results. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the industry’s leading experts in hair colouring and styling. Read on to discover the secrets of beautiful, healthy hair from roots to tips with Hardeep.

Interview with Hair Expert Hardeep

RB: What’s your favourite part of your job?

HK: Without a doubt, my favourite part of the job is human interaction. It is personalised and intimate, and catering to each client’s individual look is quite satisfying to me.

It’s pretty rewarding when you see a million-dollar smile on someone’s face. It’s an amazing journey when I am working with clients to achieve their end hair goal and it comes with a relationship of trust and faith.


RB: Now that we’re heading into cooler months what are the colours/tones you’d recommend for people with: 

Dark hair

HK: Clients who are natural brunettes are a big favourite of mine as I think it is such a gorgeous accessory. I like to keep it simple yet glossy and healthy looking and always recommend adding warmth, especially during winter. Nothing beats rich, glossy-looking hair that just speaks volumes and is an absolute classic.

Red hair

HK: Natural red hair or auburn hair clients are just very much happy with their natural colour tones but over time due to many factors like age, weather and lifestyle it seems to dull out. In these scenarios, I always recommend just doing a glossing service to give hair a pop of colour. This simple technique can bring life to dull-looking tones. It is also very healthy for the hair. Moreover, it can be done every few months without causing any damage. Autumn leaves are always an inspiration.

Light brown hair

HK: This hair type can easily be made interesting by creating a bit of dimension as it can seem very one-dimensional at the best of times. Adding some warm lowlights or bright highlights can bring the best out. The biggest advantage of the hair already being light is that you can change and experiment with it without having to use any bleach. I like using demi-permanent and highlight tints to create visual illusions and 3D effects and is also very low maintenance.

Blonde hair

HK: There is so much that can be done these days with blondes compared to the good old tip cap days. During cooler months root stretches and more lived-in blondes are very popular. These sorts of techniques allow me to marry both warm and cool tones together to complement the whole look.

Tips from with Colour Technician and Hair Stylist Hardeep


RB: How often should we be washing our hair if it’s Coloured, Long, or Short, And if we use hair products every day?

HK: I have always highly recommended my clients not to over-cleanse their scalp as it is very stripping and drying of our natural oils which is necessary for good hair health. I personally wash my own hair once a week and if needed no more than twice a week no matter how long or short your hair is. Guys who use hair styling products can opt for water-soluble pastes. They can easily remove it by using warm water in the shower, instead of shampooing their hair every single day.


RB: When is the best time to apply hair styling products?On wet hair? On dry hair? Why is that?

HK: The application of styling products can be both on towel-dried hair and dry hair. It entirely depends on each individual’s hair type and style they are seeking to achieve. For instance, someone with natural ringlet curls will layer their hair while it’s damp. On the contrary, if I were to use hot styling tools I will apply heat-protecting products to towel-dried hair. After finishing the styling, I will also top up the hair to ensure that the style lasts and has a more polished look. It solely depends on the look you are trying to achieve.


RB: Do you have a home hair remedy using coconut oil?

HK: Coconut oil brings back childhood memories, it was a weekend pamper session by my Mum. Every Sunday especially during the winter months she would put a big jar of coconut oil in the sun to melt away and then mix it up with lemon juice and camphor and massage it into my scalp for a long time (secretly miss it). This was a popular home ready to soothe dry flaky scalps during colder months. And then she would run more oil through to the mid-lengths and ends for moisturizing.


If you’d like to give yourself a hair pamper session try using Virgin Coconut Oil. You may also try using Seven Wonder Coconut Oil Treatment.

Use a small amount of either of these, massage into your scalp, and wash out after 30 mins.


Follow #hairbyhardeep on Instagram for style inspiration or contact her on 0433 733 068 to make a booking.


Interview with Renowned Hair Stylist Hardeep


Summing Up

Our Q&A with hair colour technicians and stylist Hardeep has been a fascinating journey. From the latest trends to the best products and techniques, Hardeep has shared her expert knowledge and experience with us, giving us valuable insights into the art and science of hair styling.
Whether you’re someone simply interested in elevating your hair game or a professional stylist, Hardeep’s tips and advice are sure to help you achieve the stunning results you desire.

Thank you for joining The Coconut Store for this Interview Series!

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