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Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Choc Coconut




Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Choc Coconut (500g) is good for your gut!

There is a growing trend toward plant-based lifestyles, with many people beginning to avoid animal products such as whey proteins. There is also a growing trend towards the consumption of non-synthetic, organic foods and gut health.


Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate provides a convenient and delicious plant-based protein source that is gentle on the digestive system and certified organic. It is an all-rounder protein, suitable for the whole family, gym-goer or those who wish to increase their daily protein intake.



Gluten, added sugar, dairy, additives, preservatives, GMOs & synthetics

  • Sprouted & fermented plant protein
  • Complete amino acid profile that may support muscle growth & maintenance of muscle mass
  • Rich in Iron, Phosphorus & Zinc
  • Digestive enzyme Bromelain that may aid protein absorption
  • Less than 3g carbs per serve
  • Delicious, smooth taste
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-synthetic, vegan, heavy metal tested

Have you tried the new Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Choc Coconut? One scoop mixed with water or your favourite beverage gives you the protein boost you need for your busy lifestyle. Plus, it improves the overall nutrition of your smoothie or beverage. Try it now!



Organic Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein*, Organic Cocoa*, Organic Pea Fibre*, Natural Flavours, Organic Acacia Gum*, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract*, Digestive Enzyme (Bromelain). *Certified Organic 


Blend 3 heaped tablespoons (30g), or a higher dose as required, into 300ml of cold water in a shaker. Can also be taken with non-dairy milk or blended into smoothies.



If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, please consult your healthcare professional before using.
Storage Conditions
Store below 25°C in a cool, dry and dark place.
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