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Etoile d’Armenie Burner




Etoile d’Armenie Burner: A Unique Burner Design for Papier d’Armenie Booklets

Discover the exquisite Etoile d’Armenie burner, meticulously crafted with a captivating triangular base and topped with a small dome explicitly designed to complement Papier d’Arménie booklets. Embrace the charm of this artistic masterpiece as it enhances the ambience of your space, filling it with the alluring scent of Papier d’Arménie.

How to use Etoile d’Arménie Burner:

Tear off one strip of Papier d’Arménie perfume paper and fold in an accordion style. Light the paper, then blow out the flame and place it gently inside the burner. Watch as the captivating aroma diffuses through the top, creating an enchanting atmosphere in your home.


  • Dimensions: Triangular base with sides measuring 14.5cm. Dome with a diameter of 8cm.
  • Weight: 229gm.
  • Available Colours: White, Dark Brown, Deep Red and Terracotta
  • Easy Maintenance: Keep the Etoile D’Armenie burner looking pristine with simple cleaning using soapy water and a sponge. Clean the dish regularly and maintain its beauty effortlessly.

Papier d’Armenie Le Kit and Booklets: A Journey into Timeless Scents

Experience the rich heritage of Papier d’Armenie with the exclusive Papier d’Arménie Le Kit and Booklets. Immerse yourself in a world of timeless scents carefully curated to ignite your senses. The Le Kit offers a selection of renowned Papier d’Arménie booklets, each delicately infused with all-natural scents, plus an elegantly designed compartment and match. The kit ensures an unforgettable aromatic experience, adding an exquisite touch to your daily rituals.

La Rose Candle: Captivating Scents of Romance

Infuse your space with the essence of romance and elegance with La Rose Candle, a captivating creation in collaboration with master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Immerse yourself in the blooming garden of scents as La Rose Candle envelops your surroundings with an enchanting aroma. Crafted from certified vegetable wax and beeswax, the candle promises a clean, eco-friendly burn, ensuring over 40 hours of indulgence. Capture the timelessness of Papier d’Arménie in a glowing whisper and experience the allure of this scented candle now!


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