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Nature’s Shield Organic MCT Coconut Oil




Nature’s Shield Organic MCT Coconut Oil in 200ml and 500ml.

Nature’s Shield certified organic MCT oil is extracted from pure organic coconut oil, which is rich in MTCs.

MCT oil has become a popular food supplement amongst athletes and those interested in losing weight due to its unique digestibility.  As it is digested directly by the liver instead of in the stomach, it produces sustained energy, which is helpful for workouts and physical endurance.


  • Pure Organic Coconut Oil Source
  • Non-GMO Verified Coconuts
  • Digestible Directly by the liver
  • Sustained Energy Boost
  • Ideal for Athletes and Weight Management

Organic MCT Coconut Oil Ingredients

Organic MCT Oil from Non-GMO verified coconuts

Why Choose Nature’s Shield MCT Oil?

Nature’s Shield brings you the power of MCT oil derived from the richness of coconut oil. Packed with Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), this exceptional oil offers a range of benefits that can uplift your wellness journey and optimise your performance.

Benefits of Nature’s Shield Certified Organic MCT Oil:

  1. Clean and Pure Source: Meticulously extracted from non-GMO-verified coconuts, this MCT oil ensures a clean and pure origin. This transparency and commitment to quality reflect our dedication to your health and satisfaction.
  2. Direct Liver Digestion: MCT oil stands out for its unique digestibility process. Metabolised directly by the liver, it swiftly transforms into energy, becoming an excellent fuel source for both workouts and daily activities.
  3. Sustained Energy Boost: Experience a consistent and sustained energy surge. Nature’s Shield MCT oil quality is particularly beneficial for athletes seeking enhanced endurance and individuals embarking on weight management journeys.

Fuel Your Ambitions and Explore Further:

Check out our blog post on the “Benefits of MCT Oil” for a comprehensive understanding of how this remarkable supplement can contribute to your well-being.


 Discover the natural advantage of MCT oil and embrace a vibrant and energetic lifestyle today!

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Additional information


200ml, 500ml