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Piperoids Paper Robots




Piperoids Paper Robots from Japan are printed paper pipes which transform into paper robots. All you need to cut and assemble the pieces is a good pair of scissors.

Piperoids Paper Robots Features:

  • Easy Assemble
  • Instructions in English and Japanese
  • Stimulating Mind Activity
  • Engaging Craft Experience
  • Unique Characters

2 different character combinations are available:

  • Ron and Little G robot x 3
  • Rokusuke & Hachi robot x 3

Endless Combinations for Fun

Piperoids Paper Robots come in two captivating character combinations: Ron and Little G robot and Rokusuke and Hachi robot. With three sets of each, the possibilities for creative play are boundless!


Enjoy the crafting process with instructions available in both English and Japanese. Described as a ‘light handicraft,’ Piperoids stimulate the mind while providing loads of entertainment. Create, play, and explore as you bring these paper robots to life, igniting your imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, these paper robots promise endless fun. Unleash your inner engineer today. These DIY kits offer hours of fun as you construct charming robot figures with easy-to-follow instructions. Enhance your crafting collection and experience the joy of Piperoids.


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