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Coconut Bowl Care and Maintenance

Coconut Bowl Care Tips + Uses

Coconut bowls, with their natural charm, offer a visually appealing and eco-conscious dining choice suited for those embracing sustainable living. At The Coconut Store, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your coconut bowls. That’s why we’ve put together our expertise into this comprehensive guide on coconut bowl care, uses and benefits, ensuring that you can enjoy these sustainable and stylish dining companions to the fullest. We believe that understanding how to care for and use coconut bowls can enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle and bring your dining experience to the next level!

What useful products can be derived from coconut shells?

The coconut shell, often regarded as a byproduct, can be ingeniously transformed into highly useful and eco-friendly items, such as coconut bowls. These bowls represent just one example of how we can harness the natural beauty and durability of coconut shells to create sustainable tableware. By repurposing coconut shells into functional items like bowls, we not only reduce discarded materials but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Why Use Coconut Bowls?

Coconut bowls are an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint. These bowls are made from discarded coconut shells, which would otherwise go to waste. By using coconut bowls, you contribute to sustainability and reduce the demand for traditional disposable tableware.

Coconut Bowl Care Tips

Step 1: Handwash Gently

The first step to maintaining the natural beauty of your coconut bowl is to hand wash it in warm, soapy water after each use. There’s no need for vigourous scrubbing or abrasive materials. Avoid prolonged soaking in water to preserve its natural lustre.

Step 2: Dry Coconut Bowl with Care

After washing, thoroughly dry your coconut bowl with a clean towel. It is best to hand dry, as air drying may cause the bowl to become brittle over time. Hand drying ensures that your bowl remains sturdy and retains its natural durability.

You may use Linen Tea Towels.

Step 3: Beware of Temperature Changes

Coconut bowls are resilient but not immune to extreme temperature changes. Avoid subjecting your bowl to sudden shifts in temperature. If you plan to serve hot food, gently warm the bowl with lukewarm water beforehand to prevent any potential damage.

Step 4: Keep It Manual, Avoid Modern Appliances

While your coconut bowl is a natural wonder, it’s incompatible with modern appliances. Do not place it in a dishwasher or soak for extended periods of time. These practices can harm its organic composition. Keep it manual, and your coconut bowl will retain its longevity.

Step 5: Pamper with Organic Coconut Oil

To keep your coconut bowl looking its best, apply a small amount of coconut oil every 2-3 months (depending on the frequency of use). Think of this as a spa day for your bowl. This helps maintain its shine, hydrate its fibres, and reseal its pores, providing a protective barrier.

Step 6: Avoid Hot Foods and Microwaves

While coconut bowls can handle warm foods, they are not suitable for hot foods and should never be placed in a microwave. The heat can cause the bowl to crack, compromising its integrity.

Additional Tips:

Using Your Coconut Bowl in the Fridge: If you need to refrigerate food in your coconut bowl, ensure that the food has cooled down to room temperature before placing it in the fridge. Avoid exposing the bowl to extreme cold for extended periods.
Avoid Hot Places: Do not leave your coconut bowl in direct sunlight or hot, dry places for prolonged periods. Extreme heat can lead to warping or cracking.

Additionally, acidic foods like citrous can cause gradual degradation of the bowl over time.


Coconut bowls, like many natural materials, can potentially become more brittle if exposed to prolonged air drying, especially in dry or arid environments. Hand drying with a clean towel is a safer option to ensure that any excess moisture is removed, and it helps maintain the bowl’s structural integrity. The extent to which a coconut bowl might become brittle due to air drying can vary depending on factors like the specific type of coconut shell and its initial processing.

Coconut Bowl Care Tips and Uses

Coconut Bowl Uses

Coconut bowls aren’t just tableware; they’re versatile, eco-friendly companions that can enhance various aspects of your life. Let’s explore the myriad uses of coconut bowls in different settings:

For the Kitchen:

  1. All-Day Dining: From breakfast to dinner, coconut bowls offer a unique and sustainable way to enjoy your meals. They’re perfect for everything from granola and yoghurt to hearty dinner salads. Their sturdy design and natural appeal make them an excellent choice for family dining.
  2. Dinner Party Chic: Hosting a dinner party? Impress your guests by using coconut bowls as charming serving dishes. Whether it’s a gourmet salad or a vibrant stir-fry, coconut bowls add elegance to your table.
  3. Snack Time: Snacking gets an eco-friendly makeover when you serve fresh fruit, nuts, or trail mix in your coconut bowl. These bowls make your healthy snacks even more inviting.
  4. Culinary Creativity: Get creative in the kitchen by making fresh hummus or a delicious vegetable dip to serve in your coconut bowl. The natural aesthetic of the bowl enhances the presentation of your homemade delights.
  5. Organised Cooking: Use coconut bowls as handy ingredient separators when baking or cooking. Keep your flour, sugar, or spices neatly arranged for easy access during meal prep.
  6. Complete Kitchen Set: Consider having a set of coconut bowls in your kitchen, complete with cutlery and a reusable straw. It’s a stylish and sustainable way to enjoy your meals.
  7. Dessert Delights: Healthy raw desserts and vegan ice cream look exceptionally appetising when served in coconut bowls. The contrast between the creamy treats and the natural coconut shell is visually appealing.

For the Outdoors:

Take the eco-conscious charm of coconut bowls with you wherever you go!

  1. Beach and Picnic Partner: Enjoy your favourite meals at the beach or during a picnic with coconut bowls. They are lightweight, making them perfect for outdoor dining.
  2. Camping Companion: When you head out camping, don’t forget to pack your coconut bowls. They’re eco-friendly and portable, making them an ideal choice for enjoying meals in the great outdoors.
  3. Caravan Convenience: If you’re travelling in a caravan or mobile home, coconut bowls can serve as stylish and sustainable meal servers. They add a touch of eco-luxury to your mobile dining experience.
  4. Garden Charm: Use coconut bowls in your garden! They make excellent planters or can even hold birdseed for your feathered friends.
  5. Memorable Gift: Consider gifting a coconut bowl along with a vegan recipe book to inspire someone to start trying out plant-based meals. It’s a thoughtful and sustainable gift idea for any occasion.

For the Playroom:

  1. Creative Playtime: Encourage creativity in kids by introducing coconut bowls into their playtime activities. These versatile bowls can be everything from miniature boats to treasure chests in imaginative play.
  2. Mess-Free Playdough Mixing: Coconut bowls are ideal for mixing items like natural playdough. They add an element of fun to creative play.
  3. Snack Time Fun: Serve healthy snacks to children in coconut bowls during playtime. It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to enjoy treats during breaks.
  4. Toy Storage: Coconut bowls can be a storage solution for kids’ little toys. They’re perfect for tidying up after playtime and keeping things organised.

For the Bathroom:

  1. Hygiene Haven: Use a coconut bowl to store personal hygiene items like cotton balls, cotton swabs, or small soap bars. They not only keep things organised but also add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom. Make coconut bowl a part of your self-care routine!
  2. DIY Beauty Hub: Embrace natural beauty by mixing your own skincare or haircare products in a coconut bowl. It’s the perfect vessel for creating homemade masks, scrubs, or hair treatments.
  3. Accessory Organiser: Keep hair ties, hairpins, and other accessories neatly arranged in your coconut bowl. It’s both functional and visually appealing.
  4. Decorative Element: Use a coconut bowl as a decorative feature in your bathroom or beside the bath.

Storing Coconut Bowls

When not in use, it’s essential to store your coconut bowls correctly:
Recommendations on Safe Storage: Store your coconut bowls in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing your coconut bowls to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Extreme heat or dryness can cause the bowls to warp or develop cracks. Consider stacking them or placing a cloth between them to prevent scratching.
Avoiding Extreme Temperatures: As mentioned earlier, extreme temperatures can damage coconut bowls. Avoid storing them in the freezer or near a direct source of heat.

Decorating Coconut Bowls

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your coconut bowls is not only an enjoyable endeavour but also an integral part of coconut bowl care. Get creative by painting or adding designs using acrylic paints, natural dyes, or food-grade paints. This personalises your bowls, making them unique and practical for distinguishing when hosting guests. This artistic touch turns your coconut bowls into functional tableware and also into pieces of art that enhance your dining ambience.


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Natural Coconut Bowl vs Polished Coconut Bowl

Natural & Polished Coconut Bowls: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Check out our shop page for hand-made, fair-trade coconut bowls, which originate from small coastal villages in the pristine Solomon Islands. These bowls exemplify sustainability as they are crafted from reclaimed coconut shells after their flesh is pressed into extra virgin coconut oil. The bowls undergo a polishing process and are finished with coconut oil, providing hydration and sealing without the use of harmful chemicals, lacquers, or glues. Use these environmentally sustainable, reusable bowls at any meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for snacks. Discover more about Coconut Bowl Use and Care here.

Give Your Food and Drink a Super Boost!

Coconut bowls are perfect for dry foods like salads, fruit, snacks, and even the ever-popular smoothie bowls. These bowls not only enhance the visual appeal of your dishes but also align with eco-conscious dining.

Organic Coconut Confetti

Sprinkle a dash of coconut confetti to enhance your culinary creations. This delightful topping adds a tropical twist to your dishes, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. From breakfast to dinner, coconut confetti brings a touch of indulgence to your table. Whether garnishing a dessert or adding a finishing touch to a savoury dish, organic coconut confetti adds a delightful crunch and a burst of coconut flavour.

Jomeis Fine Foods Superfood Breakfast Bowl Mix: A Nutrient-Rich Delight

Superfood Breakfast Bowl Mix Cacao & Coconut is a healthy and decadent addition to your morning routine. This blend incorporates raw cacao, chia, hemp, almonds, and buckwheat, creating a nutritious and delicious breakfast option. This mix is a high-fibre, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan choice. With no added sugar, it’s the perfect way to kickstart your day with a superfood boost.

Summing Up

Coconut bowls offer many benefits, making them an excellent addition to your eco-conscious lifestyle. First and foremost, they are a sustainable choice. Crafted from coconut shells after extracting coconut oil, coconut bowls repurpose a byproduct that would otherwise go to waste, contributing to a reduction in discarded materials and a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of foods, from breakfast smoothie bowls to dinner salads, making them a practical choice for all your culinary creations. Furthermore, coconut bowls are free from harmful chemicals, lacquers, or glues, ensuring safe and healthy dining.

Showcase Your Love for Sustainable Dining

After giving your coconut bowl the care it deserves, it’s time to proudly share your commitment to sustainable dining. Capture your cherished moments with your coconut bowl and share captivating photos on your preferred social media platforms using the hashtags #SustainableDining and #CoconutGoodness. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find us at @thecoconutstoreau. By sharing your eco-conscious journey, you inspire others to embrace environmentally-friendly choices too.


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