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Easy Chocolate Gummies Mix Recipe by The Coconut Store

Easy Chocolate Gummies Mix

Locako low-carb keto chocolate gummies are so easy to make and deliciously good.

Easy Chocolate Gummies Mix Features

  • They have no added sugar
  • Is good for your gut
  • Includes MCT coconut oil powder for metabolism
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Is a good source of protein and dietary collagen, which is great for your skin
  • and super easy to make

My daughter and I made a small batch using:

5 tablespoons (175ml) of boiling water and 5 tablespoons of the Chocolate Gummy Mix. This made 8 gummies in total.

I halved the mix before pouring it into a mould and added 1 teaspoon of chocolate hazelnut coconut butter.

Both were delicious


If you chocolate, you should really give these chocolate gummies a go.

Occasions to Enjoy:

Easy Chocolate Gummies are not just a treat; they’re a versatile addition to various occasions. Here are some ideas on when to savour these delectable goodies:

  1. Quick Snack Fix:
    • Grab a handful of chocolate gummies for a quick and satisfying snack during your work break or a busy day.
  2. Dessert Alternative:
    • Serve the gummies as a unique and guilt-free dessert alternative after dinner. They provide a sweet ending without the heaviness of traditional desserts.
  3. Movie Night Munchies:
    • Bring your movie-watching experience to the next level by enjoying chocolate gummies as a tasty and shareable snack.
  4. Party Pleaser:
    • Impress your guests by serving chocolate gummies at gatherings and parties. They make for a delightful and easy-to-share treat.
  5. Gift or Party Favour:
    • Package these gummies in decorative boxes or bags to create thoughtful gifts or party favours for special occasions.

Pairing Suggestions:

Consider pairing them with complementary food and beverages to make your chocolate gummy experience even more enjoyable. Here are some delightful pairing suggestions by The Coconut Store:

Coffee Harmony:

Enjoy the rich flavours of your chocolate gummies with a hot cup of coffee. The combination of the sweet gummies and the robust coffee creates a perfect balance.

Nut Milk:

Pair your chocolate gummies with a chilled glass of almond milk. The nutty undertones of the milk enhance the overall taste experience.

Tea Time:

Pair your gummies with a soothing cup of herbal tea for a more relaxing treat. The subtle flavours of the tea will complement the sweetness of the chocolate.

Fruit Fusion:

Serve your gummies alongside a fruit platter. The natural sweetness of fresh fruits like berries or slices of apple will enhance the flavour profile.

Organic Coconut Confetti Extravaganza:

Elevate your chocolate gummies by topping them with Organic Coconut Confetti infused with superfoods. This adds a delightful coconut crunch and an extra layer of flavour. Available here.


Availability and Purchase Information:

You can conveniently purchase the Chocolate Gummies Mix from The Coconut Store’s shop page. Click here to explore the product and bring the joy of customisable chocolate gummies to your doorstep.


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