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Empowering women at work in Fiji

Empowering Women in Fiji

Empowering Women in Fiji: Supporting Community Through Every Pack of Maleka Garden’s Dried Banana, Cacao and Coconut Products!


Maleka Garden is Fiji’s first dried fruit company that produces sugar-free natural snacks.


Maleka is a Fijian word used when the five senses are satisfied.

When you eat delicious food,
When you see a beautiful scenery
When you hear a good sound ,
When you feel or smell something wonderful,

Fijian’s say “Maleka!

Founder Yu established Maleka Garden to create “a place where mothers can work happily and can work with their children with peace of mind.” In Fiji, it literally takes a village to raise a family, as childcare centres do not exist.  As more families move to the city for work, the reliability of relatives looking after babies fade. Some can afford babysitters, though, for others, the expense and uncertainty of leaving their child with someone unfamiliar become a stress.


Maleka Garden is a safe workplace where mothers can work with their children nearby. Every pack of Dried Banana, Cacao and Coconut purchased empowers women to work in a family-friendly environment. This has a flow-on effect in the broader community.


Looking for a way to make a positive impact? Look no further than Maleka Garden products! The delicious dried Banana, Cacao, and Coconut snacks support empowering women in Fiji by providing opportunities for them to work in a family-friendly environment. Join The Coconut Store in promoting female-led sustainable business and supporting the broader community!


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