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Year of Fortunes


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The best part of a fortune cookie would have to be the fortune cookie message. Unlock the secrets of destiny and delight in the wisdom of fortune cookie messages all year long without having to dust off cookie crumbs with Year of Fortunes. Embrace its charming design, perfect for sharing positive vibes and inspiration with those around you. This clever little book, wrapped in shiny red satin, makes for a thoughtful gift or a charming addition to your daily rituals.

Year of Fortunes Features:

  • 365 witty and wise fortune cookie messages for every day of the year
  • Perforated slips for easy tearing and sharing
  • Authentically sized slips for a true fortune cookie experience
  • Bound in shiny red satin with gold foil stamping for an elegant touch
  • Hardcover design ensures durability and longevity
  • Size: 8 x 7.5 inches
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Daily inspirational message

Embrace the joy of discovering your fate with every message!

Tear, Share, and Be Inspired!

A Year of Fortunes contains 365 witty and wise fortune cookie messages printed on perforated, authentically sized slips. Perfect for tearing, sharing, or posting on your fridge. The beautiful design and thoughtful content make it an ideal gift for friends and family for daily inspiration. Spread positive vibes and destiny’s whispers with those who matter most! Bound in shiny red satin, this clever little book delivers destiny on a daily basis. Hardcover, satin cover with gold foil stamping, 152 pages with perforation. Find daily inspiration and a touch of whimsy in this clever little book!


Buy Year of Fortunes today from The Coconut Store and savour the joy of destiny, one fortune at a time!


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