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Kfibre Pro Dietary Indigestion & Bloating Natural Berry Tub 160g




Kfibre Pro Dietary Indigestion & Bloating Natural Berry Tub 160g.


KfibrePro Dietary Indigestion & Bloating is a scientifically & IBS dietitian formulated prebiotic & probiotic blend to help assist digestive comfort. When used as a daily maintenance support, KfibrePro promotes microbiome changes that support normalisation of digestion & bloating.


  • Eases digestive discomfort including indigestion, bloating and gas
  • Supports maintenance of intestinal health
  • Promotes microbiome balance
  • Feeds good fibre-digesting bacteria
  • Monash low FODMAP certified & gluten-free
  • Healthy convenient & a great-tasting flavour
  • Natural Berry Flavour

Kfibre Pro Dietary Natural Berry Ingredients

Kfibre® Virgin Sugarcane Fibre (95% sugar removed), Citric Acid, Natural Berry flavour, Magnesium Phosphate Tribasic, Livaux® (Gold Kiwifruit powder), Potassium Bicarbonate, Beetroot powder, Ginger Root powder, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, LactoSpore® (Bacillus coagulans), Silicon Dioxide, Stevia

Key Benefits

Kfibre® Virgin Sugarcane Fibre: Supports digestive health by providing a natural source of dietary fibre. Aids in promoting regular bowel movements and may help alleviate symptoms of indigestion and bloating.

Citric Acid: Enhances the product’s flavour and acts as a natural preservative. May contribute to the overall taste experience and freshness.

Natural Berry Flavour: Adds a pleasant and natural berry taste to the product, making it more palatable and enjoyable to consume.

Magnesium Phosphate Tribasic: Provides a source of magnesium, which is essential for various bodily functions, including muscle and nerve function. May contribute to overall well-being.

Livaux® (Gold Kiwifruit Powder): Offers digestive support with enzymes and prebiotics. Gold kiwifruit is known for its digestive health benefits, including promoting a healthy gut microbiome.

Potassium Bicarbonate: Acts as a source of potassium, an essential mineral that plays a role in maintaining proper heart and muscle function. May contribute to electrolyte balance.

Beetroot Powder: Rich in antioxidants and dietary nitrates. Supports cardiovascular health and may contribute to improved blood flow.

Ginger Root Powder: Known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. May help alleviate symptoms of indigestion and bloating.

Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum: Act as thickening agents, providing a desirable texture to the product. Contribute to the overall mouthfeel and consistency.

LactoSpore® (Bacillus coagulans): Probiotic strain that supports gut health by promoting a balance of beneficial bacteria. May aid in digestion and contribute to a healthy gut microbiome.

Silicon Dioxide: Acts as an anti-caking agent, ensuring the product maintains its intended texture and quality. Supports product stability.

Stevia: A natural sweetener that adds sweetness without added sugars. May be suitable for individuals looking to reduce their calorie intake.

Direction for use

Directions for use in drinks:
Using the enclosed scoop, mix one level scoop (4g) with your choice of drink.

Beginner’s Gut: If supplementing this product for the first time start with half scoop for the first 14 days and increase to full scoop once adjusted.
Standard Gut: Take 1 level scoop once or twice a day as required. Drink plenty of water.

Low FODMAP diet followers:

One serve of this product is low in FODMAPs and can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet™. A strict low FODMAP diet should only be commenced under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Monash University has assessed this product as being low in FODMAPs only.