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Founder of The Coconut Store, Fond of Coconut-based products

Welcome to The Coconut Store

Hi, and welcome to The Coconut Store, your one-stop shop for nourishing and healthy coconut products for the pantry, skin, body, home, and pets.

I am Reena, I am an everyday person seeking to live my best life by making healthy and better choices. I’ve found coconut products are a great addition to what I use, as well as a great alternative to some types of oils, flours and creams.

I was born in Fiji, living there for only a short while, yet grew up with a lot of the cultural ways.  Coconuts were always in the house and used in many aspects of life – food, drink, hair oil, skin creams. It was the Fiji way of life.

Wellness is a path I’ve found myself on for some time, starting with working in a spa environment and then learning about and understanding the benefits of living a low-tox/no-tox healthy life. A breast cancer diagnosis in 2008 motivated me to truly embrace ways to increase my well-being in the food I eat, products I use for the home and skincare, and even the candles I burn. Which has all led me to founding The Coconut Store.

The Power of Coconuts: Unleashing the Benefits for Your Health and Well-Being

Coconuts have a lot of health benefits, and like with all good things, the oils, butter and ghee should be used without overindulging. Personally, I like to use oils for cooking specific foods, instead of in every meal every day, and I use flours, sugars and flesh generally in desserts. They add a nice flavour and richness to whatever I’m cooking, and as a bonus is good for my gut, which is another topic on its own. I use a variety of lotions, potions, and balms in general, as I love them, and the coconut-based creams are a nourishing addition to my collection.

My aim is to offer a healthy and nourishing coconut range that can be an addition or alternative to what you currently use.

For now, welcome, and I hope you love what I’ve got in store in The Coconut Store!




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